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The Western New York Veterans Housing Coalition helps Veterans. We do this in a multi-dimensional approach by providing housing and case management. Our mission is to provide housing, employment and services for Veterans and other special needs populations. Although this is a seemingly simple task, the WNYVHC has created an innovative multi-dimensional approach that is highly sought after in Western New York. This approach combines both necessities of housing and case management services with an emphasis on homeless prevention. Our unique approach allows us to aid Veterans on several levels through referrals, direct case management, and secure housing. To learn more about our programs please visit our Corporate Profile.

First, we believe that it is a travesty of epic proportions to leave our Veterans unattended upon return from serving their country. Second, we at the WNYVHC believe that stability is first a product of place and second a product of aid. With both pillars of belief in place we know it is our duty as Americans to provide both housing and case management to our Veterans. The number of Veterans experiencing homelessness in Western New York and the nation as a whole is alarming and appalling; it is our mission to alleviate these numbers; to serve those who have served.

Please follow us on facebook, make a donation through paypal, or contact us via email or phone to provide your support to Veterans of Western New York. Your aid is critically needed and greatly appreciated.

We are veterans and non-veterans, we are women and men. We are a group of people united by the ambition to improve the lives of Veterans across Western New York. Please visit our Directors and Staff Page to learn more about our personnel. Please contact us with questions, support, ideas, or to tell us of your story as a supporter of Veterans.