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Your contributions make it possible to provide affordable housing for veterans who need help. WNYVHC is proud to coordinate the operations of the following facilities in the city of Buffalo:

Stratford Arms, formerly known as Basilone Manor

Basilone ManorBasilone Manor is located at 25 West Utica Street in Buffalo, NY. This facility was originally the historic Stratford Arms Hotel. With the help of private and public sector partnerships, it was acquired by WNYVHC in 1992 and by 1996 it was converted into 41 units of one and two bedroom affordable housing units for veterans and other less fortunate citizens.

The facility was named after Buffalo native John Basilone, a Marine Gunnery Sergeant and WWII hero. 

Engine 16

Engine 16

The Engine 16 building is located at 1416 Main Street in Buffalo, NY. This historic facility was originally a firehouse for the Engine 16 Fire Company built in 1884.

This location was acquired by WNYVHC in 1995. The building is a combination of rehabilitation and new construction and is fully accessible to people who are severely physically challenged. There are two 2-bedroom and seven 1-bedroom units. The complex has 24 hour, on-site "shared aide" home care service. Funding for this project was provided by the New York State Homeless Housing Assistance Program, the City of Buffalo, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This building also has first floor commercial space which houses Core Environmental Inc.  

Bowen Manor

Bowen Front

Bowen Manor is a Capital Advance New Construction Program located at 17 West Utica Street in Buffalo, NY. It was built by WNYVHC and dedicated in June, 1993. It contains 24 units of affordable housing for physically handicapped and disabled veterans and other less fortunate low-income citizens.

This complex consists of four 2-bedroom units and twenty 1-bedroom units with six first floor apartments reserved for residents confined to wheelchairs.

The complex has state-of-the art security monitoring and life safety systems, including automatic door openers and transmitters for the severely disabled. Compliance with HUD regulations and policies are strictly enforced through a series of yearly comprehensive performance reviews. This project is 100% subsidized.

1125 Main Street

1125 Main St

Located at 1125 Main Street in Buffalo, NY, this facility was acquired by WNYVHC through funding from the New York State Housing Trust Fund and the City of Buffalo in 1989. It was converted into 27 affordable residential units for homeless military veterans and other less fortunate citizens with disabilities.

Apartments range from two (2) bedroom, (14) one bedroom and ten (10) efficiencies. This facility operates under a New York State Housing Trust Fund regulatory agreement.

It also houses a 3,000-sq. ft. commercial space.